• Needs Report

      Needs Report

      We will meet your convenience, listen to your desires and views , asses the information and get back to you with the optimal solution for your needs.

    • Market Research

      Market Research

      Taking the second step in our endeavor, we will search and present the available offers that match your needs.

    • Feasibility Studies

      Feasibility Studies

      Working with your choices we will assess the pros and cons of each one and give you a clear overview of the possibilities you have, whilst guiding you towards the perfect space.

    • Concept Design

      Concept Design

      Having settled one the dream space, we will provide you with the concept according to your specifications, our architects vision and your needs so that together we will transform your space in an oasis of your own design.

    • Integrated Interior Solutions

      Integrated Interior Solutions

      From flooring to ceilings, lights, furniture, climate control, you name it we can provide it, all especially made to fit and optimize your space.

    • Maintenance


      We won’t leave you to handle the details of your space, you can count on us to do it for you so that everything can go smoothly and people can focus on their tasks.

    • Repair


      Don’t worry when things break down, they won’t stay like that for long, choosing us means choosing fast reactions and solutions to the problems created by material goods that may interfere with your activity.

    • Cleaning


      The working environment is one of the most important factors in human effectiveness, and having a clean office is a must. You can rely on us to keep your space clean and tidy so your staff won’t have to worry about this.

    • Security


      Keeping your work safe and protected is something we all need to assure so that our company’s growth won’t be affected in any way. We can provide you with the latest hardware and software, optimized for you line of work, whose sole goal is to keep your data and sensitive information away from curious eyes.

    • Other Services

      Other Services

      There are many needs in an office space, little things that can become a problem once they gather up. Just ask us and we’ll make sure that every one of these little things will be taken care of. From delighting your employees with fresh fruits day by day to making sure that they and your customers enjoy the best coffee the world has to offer, it’s all at a quick email away.

    • Alternation to existing space

      Alternation to existing space

      It is not always necessary to change your location for a better space. Let us reinvent the space you already have so that people will be intrigued by the addition without losing their sense of familiarity. There are endless possibilities and we guarantee you that you will be astonished by the result.

    • Small Design & Build projects

      Small Design & Build projects

      For us every project is important no matter the size of it. Don’t be reluctant to contact us if you have a small project, we will treat it with the same attention and enthusiasm as any other and provide you with the best solution.

    • Relocation


      The fuss is just starting when you actually move to your new environment. So if started it together, let’s finish it the same way and rely on us to take care of all the logistics of moving people’s belongings to their new office. You just need to tell what you want to move and what not and we’ll cover the rest.

    • Additional or new furniture

      Additional or new furniture

      Are you expanding or you need to bring fresh air in your space? Together we will find the best way for any of the situations and we can bring you new furniture or add to the existing one without changing the style. It’s your choice.

    • Raised floor & Carpet replacement

      Raised floor & Carpet replacement

      Things do get old or out of fashion. As it is very important to have a technical and visual modern space, we can provide you with the latest improvements in raised access floor and the newest trends in carpet design.

    • Packing/ Unpacking

      Packing/ Unpacking

      Tedious work, leave it with us. We will pack/unpack all items that need to be moved in boxes provided by us while indexing them with the help of their owners so nothing gets lost or misplaced.

    • Dismantle/ Reassamble Furniture

      Dismantle/ Reassamble

      If there furniture items that you need from your old space we can move them as well, no matter their size or weight. We’ll make sure that they will get in your new space, exactly the way you had them.

    • Transport


      We can provide you with any type of vehicle you may need to relocate your belongings safely and fast.

    • Storage


      Having problems with the time difference between when you need to move out and when you can move in? Don’t worry, we will securely place your items in a warehouse and keep them there until relocating them will be possible.

    • Disposal/ Recycling

      Disposal/ Recycling

      There are a lot of things that you are no longer going to need from your old office, but discarding them isn’t that simple. We will make sure that they will be sorted out and sent to be recycled or destroyed according to the law.